Common Problems with Used Heavy Trucks

For many businesses and individuals, used heavy trucks can be a cost-effective means of purchasing a vehicle, however, as Dunlop Sterling explains, there are a number of issues to look out for.

Heavy duty trucks are very expensive and are certainly a big investment for many people, especially when they absolutely need it for their jobs. While purchasing brand new trucks may seem like the best option in terms of reliability and efficiency, they can quickly skyrocket over a conservative budget that most people are willing to spend, which leaves the options of used heavy trucks.

There are many safe and reliable used heavy trucks available on the market but it’s important to know the common problems that these types of trucks have, so that you can avoid purchasing a model that will require constant repairs.


As is the case with many used cars, used heavy trucks also face the problem of rust. While some truck bodies will not show obvious signs of rust, it’s very important to do a thorough check to make sure the integrity of the vehicle body is perfectly intact. If there are problematic areas that have succumbed to rust build up, it’s recommended to continue your search for a good used truck.

The biggest problem with rust is the fact that the truck becomes weak in particular parts and the rust will simply continue to spread until the truck is no longer useable. This is especially dangerous with large areas of rust since it may cause parts of the vehicle to fall off, making it extremely dangerous while out on the road.


The most common places for used heavy trucks to have leaks are the engine and the radiator, both of which should always be in perfect working order. Oil leaks from the engine pose several different threats, which is why many professional strongly stress the fact that vehicles leaking oil should never be used for extended periods of time, they should in fact be repaired immediately upon discovery.

There are several problems that occur with oil leaks, not only is it bad for the environment, it can damage other parts of the truck over time (especially rubber hoses), not to mention the fact that it can also catch on fire, especially if it’s dripping on the exhaust system.

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