Finance workers on business trips have most need for speed

Finance workers on business trips rate speed and efficiency more highly than any other sector, The Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report has revealed.

Seventy-two per cent of business travellers in the finance sector rated speed of journey as essential when booking flights; 70% rated speed and efficiency through the airport as essential when making flight bookings, while 81% rated speed and efficiency as essential when choosing transfer travel to and from the airport.

While business travellers from every sector, including finance, rated personal safety as the number one priority when booking flights and accommodation and all business travellers rated speed as most important when it came to making airport transfer choices, finance workers rated speed the highest of all across all their business travel choices.

The state of the nation report on business travel, commissioned by Heathrow Express surveyed business travellers from across the UK, Germany and the US and also found that on average, finance sector workers take 2.5 domestic business trips and 2.6 international business trips a year that are, on average, 5.4 nights long.

Forty-three per cent of business travellers in finance book business trip themselves with a further 46% booked by assistants or internal business departments. However, 14% reported that over the past three years there was a growing reliance on business travel agents and travel management companies.

Fraser Brown, Director of Heathrow Express said: “These findings tell us getting from A to B as quickly as possible is key to finance travellers which is why as well as offering excellent customer service and a premium on board experience, Heathrow Express’ focus is to provide a reliable service connecting London and Heathrow in just 15 minutes. This provides customers with the fastest route between central London and Britain’s hub airport.”

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